John Crush, BaHonours[ FineArt ]


My present work, which encompasses painting, sculpture and film, is fueled by my interest in expressing physical movement. Themes have ranged from my practice of Hung Gar kung fu
to my observations of light and water in the landscape around Exmoor.
The film 'Trapped' was also influenced by Chinese shadow puppetry and shadow theatre.
In the film a shadowy figure is trapped within a layered, flickering liquid space and seems to be struggling against unseen demons. I found the shadows had more of a presence than my real self and had a timeless quality. The shadows are fleeting, distilled representations of physical actions.
Through the month of April 2014 I have an exhibition paintings at Lynmouth Pavilion, which is the information centre for Exmoor National Park. The exhibition is entitled ' Lynmouth, Ebb and Flow '. The work depicts the changing moods of the sea, including the recent storms.